Activities In Odda County



Odda county with its extraordinary nature is offering great possibilities for unforgettabale hiking trips. Either you choose Hardangervidda, Trolltunga, or one of many shorter trips in the county, you can be sure that a great experience is waiting for you.



Skiing in the county is possible in the winter in Hardangervidda, Røldal and Seljestad (cross-country skiing). Seljestad with the lightened track offers evening- and night- skiing. Possibilities for alpine skiing you will find in Røldal Ski-Center or Summer Ski Center at Folgefonna glacier (Jondal).

Glacier climbing

Glacier climbing is possible to be done on Buer glacier. There are professional guides and those who are interested will get proper equipment.



Great reindeer-hunting possibilities in autumn in Hardangervidda, other, especially small animals- and bird-hunting possible in most of the areas. Hunting card needed.


A lot of nice biking trips can be done in Odda county. First we have to mention Hardangervidda with its paths and secondly Seljestad and you can also try the old road from Seljestad to Røldal (road over the mountain used before the tunnel was built).

Other activities

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